Preaching the Law

Reformed Answers posed a question to Stephen Um about how to go about preaching the Law. The question: How does the concept of law reception help us preach through commands and other legal portions of Scripture? The following is an excerpt of Um’s answer and the full article can be found here. Well, God commands his people to […]

Preaching Narratives

Reformed Answers posed a question to Pastor Um about how to preach narratives. The question was: What is story completion, and how does it help us preach through the narrative sections of scripture? Here is a short excerpt of his answer while the full article can be found here: Again, when we’re looking at another gospel piece, […]

New Commentary on 1 Corinthians by Stephen Um

Pastor Stephen Um of City Life Presbyterian in Boston is coming out with a new commentary on 1 Corinthians. This new Crossway series of commentaries is called Preaching the Word and it is headed by R. Kent Hughes. This set of commentaries cover almost every book of the New Testament and many of the Old Testament. The commentary of […]

Jeramie Rinne’s Advice to Himself

Over at The Gospel Coalition, REFRESH conference speaker Jeramie Rinne has a new post on “7 Tips for My Younger Preaching Self.” The piece highlights Rinne’s commitment to the sufficiency of the Christian scriptures, along with his good humor and pastoral sensitivity. Here’s one of his “tips” that I, as a young preacher, found to […]

The Triumph of Christ

  Stephen Um was recently invited to be a guest speaker at Christ Central of Southern California. Working from Philippians 2:1-13, his sermon considered the significance of the triumph of Christ for the life of the Christian. The video and audio from this sermon are now available online. CCSC also provides its congregation with discussion questions […]

Bryan Chapell on “The Power of Hope”

  Recently, Citylife Presbyterian Church welcomed Dr. Bryan Chapell to the Boston area for a weekend retreat. Dr. Chapell’s sessions, which emphasized the power of the hope that Christians have as a result of their union with Christ, were profound and practical in their application of the gospel. Media from all four of those sessions […]

Biblical Exposition Workshop in New England

Those in the TGCNE network will be interested to take a look at an upcoming Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition being held just south of Boston on February 13-15, 2013. Jeramie Rinne (Senior Pastor, South Shore Baptist Church, Hingham, MA) and David Camera (Senior Pastor, River Oaks Presbyterian Church, Lake Mary, FL) will be walking […]

Old Testament

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