Gospel Shaped Mercy

Stephen Um’s latest work, Gospel Shaped Mercy, is now available! This is a great resource for all who are interested in discovering how the gospel impacts and shapes our understanding of mercy. Take a look at the following trailer. For more information about the book and for purchase, click here.

China Partnership’s “Conversations with Stephen Um”

China Partnership helps churches implement “Global-Local” missions. Global-Local missions happens when US churches make Global connections that make sense Locally. The world is very different today that it was in the 20th Century, and China Partnership helps US churches love and serve Chinese people Globally & Locally. For more information, see their Facebook page and website.  China Partnership […]

Why Do Cities AND Rural Areas Matter?

From Matt Smethurst at The Gospel Coalition: “Since our world is becoming more urban, there is an undeniably strategic need for healthy gospel churches in cities,” observes [Stephen] Um, pastor of Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston and co-author of Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church [interview]. Nevertheless, he insists, just because cities matter does […]

The Blessed Burden of Next Door Neighbors

Over the past 10 months I’ve lived in three different apartments. Having left our home of 7 years—our first big purchase as newly-weds and the home we began our family in—my wife and I schlepped our two children from apartment to apartment, finally settling in a quaint neighborhood where we hope to plant deep roots. […]

Snapshots of Renewal

The Boston Globe on Church Planting in “godless” Massachusetts

Yesterday, the Boston Globe published an interesting piece (with a sensationalistic title) on the growing number of evangelical church plants in the Boston area. At the center of the piece is the story of Brandon Allison, planting pastor of True Vine Church, which is set to begin weekly meetings on September 8th in Revere, MA. […]

TGC Conference Media: Stephen Um on “Jesus and Justice”

Those who had opportunity to attend the 2013 Gospel Coalition National Conference were, no doubt, overwhelmed by the wonderful depth and stunning breadth of the various sessions, breakouts, panels, etc., that occurred throughout the conference. We were all attempting to drink from the proverbial “fire hydrant.” If you’re like me and did not have the capacity […]

New England: The Least “Bible-Minded” Region

A recent study by the Barna Group will be of interest to Christians living and ministering in New England. The study claims to identify “America’s Most (and Least) Bible-Minded Cities” on the basis of nearly 43,000 interviews and the “analysis of Bible trends.” Bible-minded individuals were identified as those “who report reading the Bible in […]

Why Cities Matter – Read the Endorsements

On March 31, 2013, Crossway will publish Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church (foreword by Timothy Keller). In the coming months, we’ll be highlighting some of the material and content associated with the book. Today, we’re happy to unveil the endorsements in hopes that they will give you […]

New England’s “Quiet Revival” at Slate.com

Over at Slate, Ruth Graham has published a piece surveying the “quiet revival” that many believe is happening in New England. In the article she draws on the perspective of New England pastors like Brandon Levering, Jeffrey Bass, and Stephen Um. Here’s an excerpt: The pastors who have come to New England say they come […]

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