Telegraph Avenue – Michael Chabon (Review)

Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue is a novel in five parts. The third part, entitled “A Bird of Wide Experience”, is a 12 page long sentence that follows an escaped parrot as it flies around Oakland and happens upon each of the novel’s central characters at the midpoint of their stories. A 12 page sentence is […]

Reflections from the Top of the World

I was humbled and convicted by my recent encounter with the reflections of a dying Linds Redding.  He had it all: as an artist and executive he was talented, passionate, and successful.  But with the devastating clarity of eyes saturated with impending mortality, he saw and exposed the contemptible hollowness of the promises of success […]


Halloween and the Upside-Down Glory of the Cross

It’s that time of year again: pairs of darkened hands appear to emerge from beneath the surface of residential yards while seven-foot spiders weave gigantic cotton webs across house-fronts and skulls with glowing eyes laugh menacingly through the windows.  I have nothing against our society’s customs of dressing up and collecting candy per se, divorced […]

Thinking Christianly in an Election Year

There are plenty of Christian books on politics, but many of them – maybe even most of them – fail to offer much insight.  Often enough they are either unbiblical or participants in the political status quo.  Here are some great resources I have found. First, there are a few classics.  The “Epistle to Diognetus” […]

NW - Zadie Smith

NW – Zadie Smith

Life in the city is rarely easy. It’s stressful, it’s expensive, it’s crowded, and it has the ability to wear a person down. The four central characters in Zadie Smith’s new novel NW all live in the same neighborhood to the northwest of downtown London, a neighborhood with a large low-income, immigrant population. The novel […]


I Spy With My Metaphysical Eye

Episode in the Life of an Artist[1] A good friend of mine, a fellow musician, often remarks that musicians are “flaky.”  He’s not referring to all musicians or all artists, I think, but to a particular kind of person who seems more often to be found in the arts than elsewhere.  We probably know the […]

Acts of Art

Acts on Art (2 of 2)

In part 1, we observed that God is an artistic God, and that our being made “in the image of God” denotes not only a certain likeness to Him but also the fact that we are (and were made to be) visible representatives of the invisible God and his promises. This good news for the […]

Acts of Art

Acts on Art (1 of 2)

Today I decided I was going to start Acts.  With morning commitments hanging over my head, I asked God that something in this passage I had read so many times would yield new insight or at least encouragement.  So, hopeful if not particularly expectant, I dove into Acts—and almost drowned on the very first verse: […]


Readers will likely understand after reading only a few pages of Cosmopolis why the novel, published almost 10 years ago, has just recently been turned into a movie. The novel by Don DeLillo tells the story of a single day (an April day in the year 2000) in which Eric Packer, a multi-billionaire living in New York City, takes […]

Christ My Treasure

Christ My Treasure

Here’s a demo of a new song by Castle Island Hymns. The song was written by Bobby Krier and Justin Ruddy for potential inclusion in The Gospel Coalition’s “Songs for the Book of Luke” project. The words and music are original, and focus in on some of the scriptures’ financial imagery for describing the redemption and […]

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