Urbanophile Reviews Why Cities Matter

Reviews are beginning to role in for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s recently published Why Cities Matter. One of the first comes from Aaron Renn of Urbanophile. Renn claims that urbanists themselves have much to learn from Christians who are seeking to contextualize the gospel in the city: I’ve noted before how urban church leaders…have been willing […]

TGCNE Leadership Summit: Panel Discussion on “Contextualized Ministry in New England”

Listen in as four New England pastors discuss contextualized ministry in their own local contexts. What are the unique challenges of New England ministry? What evidences of God’s grace have they witnessed in their ministries? Hear from… Steven Chin (Boston, MA) Matt Kruse (Malden, MA) Todd Murphy (Providence, RI) Stephen Witmer (Pepperell, MA) Justin Ruddy (Boston, […]

Why Cities Matter: Read Keller’s Foreword and Chapter 1

Today, we are pleased to offer a free download of a sampler for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s new book, Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church. Read Timothy Keller’s foreword, the Introduction, and Chapter One of the book in PDF format here. The book is currently available on Amazon for 48% off. Please […]

On New Hymns & Seeing the World through the Gospel

Editor’s Note: CGC is often blessed with reflective contributions from Ben Shute, but today we have opportunity to share one of his original compositions and hymn texts. Here, Ben demonstrates that music–whether classical or jazz, indie rock or hip-hop–has the potential ability to meaningfully communicate the gospel and stir the affections for Christ. What follows […]

On the Benefits of Reading Old Blog Posts

As others have noted, the English speaking world is currently blessed with an (almost embarrassing) abundance of riches in the area of gospel publishing. A steady stream of books and study curriculum is supplemented by the daily, raucous hum of the blogosphere. Keeping up often feels like drinking from the proverbial fire-hose. Some think it’s […]

Entertainment and the Functional Hope of the Heart

As a performing musician, I have often wondered why it is that the classical concert scene in Europe (or at least many parts of Europe) generally has so much more vitality than in America, in terms of both the volume and quality of public participation.  For example, I can never forget how German audiences, packing […]

Our Only Hope in Suffering

There are no words to adequately address the tragedy that occurred late last week in Newtown, CT. The pain of unspeakable loss cannot be eased by our reflections and remembrances, no matter how poignant or appropriate. And yet, to remain silent feels impossible. There is a deep need in the human person to call wrong […]

Stephen Um on Art, the Church, and the Gospel

Though The Gospel Coalition is known for their daily content and great conferences, they also do a great service to the academic world every few months when they publish Themelios. Just recently, Volume 37, Issue 3 of the journal was published. The latest issue includes D.A. Carson’s additional thoughts on the Intolerance of Tolerance, and […]

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