Words for Readers and Writers

In a recently published collection of essays, novelist Larry Woiwode explores the Creator/creature dynamic that is at play in the craft of writing. Noting that the writer’s ultimate sin is to usurp the place of God–to fancy one’s self as “God of this creation”–Woiwode beautifully demonstrates how God overcomes even this tragic misstep: “What writers […]

Registration Now Live for TGCNE’s REFRESH!

Registration is now open for TGCNE’s REFRESH! Click above to view the event website which has details on dates, time, cost, location, etc. Please help us spread the word via Facebook and Twitter, and consider inviting those in your church community to join you for this weekend of refreshing in the gospel. Space is very […]

“Man Cannot Live on Facebook Likes Alone”

Over at the New York Times’ Opinionator, nestled in the Anxiety gallery, Alexander Nazaryan has a reflection on the ways in which the Internet has begun to demand something akin to religious devotion. Part tongue-in-cheek, part frighteningly familiar autobiographical expose, the piece will give you pause over the role that the Internet may have begun […]

Single Discernment & The Issue of Attraction

In a previous post on singleness, we discussed tensions around the “gift” of singleness, observing how even involuntary singleness can be a gift from God.  But what about singles who are in a position to discern whether God might be leading them toward a prospective spouse?  Here, too, there is ample room for confusion.  One […]

The New York Times on Christian Wiman’s Bright Abyss

It is not often that a memoir recounting an individual’s conversion to the Christian faith is hailed by the New York Times as “a daring and urgent book.” Christian Wiman’s My Bright Abyss appears to be that rare kind of volume in which an individual’s journey to (or back to) Christianity is expressed with universal resonance. Here’s […]

Are You Ready for the Urban Future? Why Cities Matter at TGC

Today, Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition has an interview with Stephen Um addressing the topic of rapid global urbanization and how Christians can thoughtfully respond. Here’s a striking excerpt: Unfortunately, leaders like Keller are often subjected to the charge of being “anti-suburban” because of their willingness to speak clearly about a very real phenomenon. […]

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