Panel: How the Gospel Shapes Our Work

Perry An, Blake Bartlett, Cullen Buie, Tinu Diver, and Jessica Reid (Moderator: David Cho) The gospel is not only the power of God for our private lives, but for our public lives as well.  One essential implication of the gospel that is often overlooked is the integration of faith and work.  The gospel not only compels us […]

Panel: Perspectives on Ministry in New England

Steven Chin, Chris Bass, Bauer Evans, and Danny Ovalle (Moderator: Jonathan Kerhoulas) The six states that comprise New England share much in common, and yet there is much that makes each state, city, town, neighborhood, and individual person unique. What are the distinctive challenges that face Christians and churches in New England? How can we […]

Church Planting

Panel: Gospel-Centered Church Planting

Wes Pastor, Matthew Kruse, Todd Murphy, and Bob Sawyer (Moderator: Mark Gedicks) What role does church planting play in God’s plan for the spread of the gospel? Does New England really need a surge of new churches when historic churches are closing their doors? What do we make of all of the different perspectives on […]

Stephen Witmer – Why Heaven Is Crucial for Ministry: The Practical Importance of Our Eternal Future

The gospel is ‘a word for the present about the future’ (Chester & Timmis). Therefore, when Christians neglect our eternal future, we minimize the gospel itself. But wherever a biblical restlessness and a biblical patience for the new creation is re-ignited, the church benefits immensely. This session shows that the gospel concerns our future and […]

The Heart as an Idol Factory: Then and Now

Stephen Um and Richard Lints on the idols of our hearts. What is your functional deity? Is the thing that your worshipping deserving of your worship? Watch Stephen Um and Richard Lints discuss and define the nature of idolatry, then and now.

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