Urbanophile Reviews Why Cities Matter

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Reviews are beginning to role in for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s recently published Why Cities Matter. One of the first comes from Aaron Renn of Urbanophile. Renn claims that urbanists themselves have much to learn from Christians who are seeking to contextualize the gospel in the city:

I’ve noted before how urban church leaders…have been willing to ask themselves the tough question of what they need to do adapt their ministry to the needs of their city, in contrast to too many urbanists themselves . . . . How many of them go on an anthropology mission to understand their city? Too often, it doesn’t seem like many do . . . . I find it ironic that it is religious leaders, who I would expect might argue that they are selling the Ultimate Product, actually seem to be more advanced in seeking to contextualize what they do than do some urbanists themselves.

Read the rest of the review here, and grab the book at 48% off here.

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Why Cities Matter: Read Keller’s Foreword and Chapter 1

Today, we are pleased to offer a free download of a sampler for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s new book, Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church. Read Timothy Keller’s foreword, the Introduction, and Chapter One of the book in PDF format here. The book is currently available on Amazon for 48% off. Please […]

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