“Why Cities Matter” on Location in Boston & the Bay Area

This morning, Crossway rolled out an introductory video for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter. The video offers a view into the heart and aim of the book, as well as a look into two great cities: Boston and the Bay Area. Take a minute to watch the video, read Timothy Keller’s foreword, or listen to a recent radio interview, and then consider picking up a copy of the book. And please continue to pray with the authors that the book will play a small role in encouraging the growing movement(s) of the gospel in our world’s cities.

The Triumph of Christ

  Stephen Um was recently invited to be a guest speaker at Christ Central of Southern California. Working from Philippians 2:1-13, his sermon considered the significance of the triumph of Christ for the life of the Christian. The video and audio from this sermon are now available online. CCSC also provides its congregation with discussion questions […]

Why Cities Matter – Stephen Um interviewed by Paul Edwards

Recently, Stephen Um was welcomed as a guest on Detroit radio’s Paul Edwards’ show. For those looking for a basic primer on the ideas behind Why Cities Matter, or an introduction to the discussion on the importance of gospel mission in the context of rapid global urbanization, there may be no better place to start than […]

Bryan Chapell on “The Power of Hope”

  Recently, Citylife Presbyterian Church welcomed Dr. Bryan Chapell to the Boston area for a weekend retreat. Dr. Chapell’s sessions, which emphasized the power of the hope that Christians have as a result of their union with Christ, were profound and practical in their application of the gospel. Media from all four of those sessions […]

“Sexual Sanity for Women” in Review

“How we express ourselves as sexual beings is one of the fruits of our hearts, expressing either submission to Christ, or slavery to Self.”(p. 28) Men are sexual beings. Women are less sexual. All men struggle with sexual sin. There is something wrong with a woman who struggles with sexual sin. Men need help to […]

Brandenburg Concerto #1 and the Broken Beauty of the Cross

J. S. Bach’s set of six concertos for the Margrave of Brandenburg (simply known as the “Brandenburg” concertos) are among the high points of Western music.  If you’re not familiar with the first Brandenburg concerto, have a listen to this haunting selection, which is the second of the concerto’s three movements: It has an other-worldly […]

Notes on Stephen Um’s “Jesus and Money” TGC Plenary

The Gospel Coalition’s 2013 National Conference was a a whirlwind couple of days for everyone in attendance. Over the course of three days (or five if you made it to the pre-conference), around 5,000 of us did our best to keep up with a staggering number of must-hear sessions as they came at us in […]