On Ministry and Revolving Doors, Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 IV. Practical Suggestions for Mobility A. IDOLATRIES 1. Preach consistently, often to all of these idolatries: money, escapism, status seeking, approval, etc. Money a stewardship (money as a means); Vision cast to de-commodify and revive personhood. 2. Active social justice ministries: you’re confronted with your own idolatries to money, wealth, materialism, etc. 3. Stewardship seminars 4. Professional […]

On Ministry and Revolving Doors, Part 3

Part 1, Part 2 III. Responding to mobility Do we just hate mobility in the culture? Usually people will simply critique it or completely buy into it.    Is there a gospel response? How do we do that: A. Idolatries: (Definition: When some functional god/master occupies a position of authority in a person’s heart so that the object of his over-desire […]

On Ministry and Revolving Doors, Part 2

Part 1 II. Features of Mobility in Today’s Culture: A. Social upward mobility [i] (effects fundamental social structures of people, class, and culture)-[Intra-generational mobility, egality and meritocracy] (definition: The ability of individuals or groups to move upward or downward in status based on wealth, occupation, education, or some other social variable–an individual’s social status can change throughout the […]

On Ministry and Revolving Doors, Part 1

All peoples, institutions, and groups are interested in changing, renewing or transforming society by impressing their core values on the culture. For that matter, we cannot help but to make an impact on our culture. The minute anyone opens his mouth, he is speaking in a particular language, from a particular cultural context, with a […]

The Portrait of a Tenacious Persistence

Luke 11:1-13 Our text highlights the persistence and impudence of an individual who is in need, but there is the danger of approaching the topic of persistence as a merit that is self-created rather than as a means in drawing closer to God. Luke 11 shows that persistence is rooted in two examples of a […]

Kingdom of God Part 4

  When Christians talk about character in the workplace, we have tended to discuss it in terms of moral implications. Moreover, when leadership is discussed, much of the talk is simply about how to give a prominent moral flavor to otherwise recognized leadership skills. Occasionally, Christian writers will descend into shallow character studies in biblical events.[1] Yet just […]