The Gospel in a Changing Korea

On February 20-21, 2012, City to City Asia hosted a two-day intensive Gospel in the City conference in the Yeong-jae district of Seoul, South Korea. Our meeting took place at Torch Theological Seminary on one of the campuses of Onnuri Presbyterian Church, one of the largest churches in Seoul. With fifty to sixty leaders in […]

Engaging Skeptics with the Gospel

Stephen Um recently presented a breakout session at November’s Plant New England conference. The audio, which is just over an hour and includes Q&A, has recently been made available online. In the breakout session, Dr. Um addresses issues of contextualization for ministry that will be applicable for Christians, whether ministers or laypersons, in all contexts. […]

Is Gospel-Centered Preaching Too “Slippery”?

Every so often you will hear Gospel-centered preachers and authors accused of being “slippery,” trying to have it both ways, or perhaps always looking for a third way. I want to look briefly at this charge because I believe that it will actually help us to understand the Gospel itself better. The indictment of “slipperiness” […]

The Cost of Discipleship in Cultural Perspective(s)

 In a recent post I discussed the costliness of discipleship, the fact that Christ demands our ultimate allegiance, and how we are enabled to give him ours because he has already given us his. Here, I want to point out the way in which this call to ultimate allegiance challenges and cuts against the idols […]

Is Discipleship Too Costly?

Much has been written about the cost of discipleship. Even more has been said. And yet, as often as we hear about all that Jesus demands of us as his disciples, we cannot avoid being set off balance when we run into a difficult passage like Luke 14:26-27, 33: “If anyone comes to me and […]

Advice For Aspiring Christ-Centered Preachers

Christ-centered preaching is a topic of much interest among many young and aspiring preachers. As of late, the Center for Gospel Culture has been engaged in a series of seminars in which we have been discussing, examining, and demonstrating the nature of Christ-centered preaching. We are looking to help young preachers come to grips with […]

“The Money Is the Root of My Misery”

The opening paragraphs of John Grisham’s The Testament provide an interesting view into the heart of a man who has everything that money can buy, and yet feels as though he has come up completely empty: “Down to the last day, even the last hour now. I’m an old man, lonely and unloved, sick and […]

An Analysis of Avarice

In my 22 years of ministry, I have had countless meetings and counseling sessions for a variety of reasons. Those individuals with whom I meet tend to struggle with issues that are quite common. A young man may ask for prayer in his struggle with lust. A college student is looking for help with an […]