The Heart as an Idol Factory: Then and Now

Stephen Um and Richard Lints on the idols of our hearts. What is your functional deity? Is the thing that your worshipping deserving of your worship? Watch Stephen Um and Richard Lints discuss and define the nature of idolatry, then and now.

On God’s Situation-Transcending Love

This past Sunday, Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of our Lord. I know that it was both refreshing and encouraging to those of us worshipping in Boston. And I am grateful that there is a growing movement of gospel-churches where Christians live in light of the good news of Easter Sunday, rather than […]

Trials, Questions, and Our Responsive God (Video)

Trials, Questions, and Our Repsonsive God from Citylife Presbyterian Church Bos on Vimeo. Interacting with D.A. Carson, Stephen Um unpacks and comments on six points that are essential to understand when we consider the topic of suffering. Download the rest of the sermon here.