Psalm 126: When Weeping Turns to Laughter (Song Review)

Psalm 126 is one of the fifteen “songs of ascents” in the beloved book of poetry and praise. This chapter tells of a people who were laughing, full of joy, and who thought they were dreaming because the Lord had done such wonderful things for them. The goodness of God was proclaimed among them and […]

Glimpses of Grace – Gloria Furman (Book Review)

It’s 3am and the baby is crying. You groan, roll over and wriggle yourself out of the sheets. While the baby eats, you’re squinting at your iPhone and looking through Pinterest in an attempt to keep yourself awake. When suddenly, the potty-training toddler starts yelling, “mommy? … MOMMY!??”… you rush in to find her pajamas […]

“Sexual Sanity for Women” in Review

“How we express ourselves as sexual beings is one of the fruits of our hearts, expressing either submission to Christ, or slavery to Self.”(p. 28) Men are sexual beings. Women are less sexual. All men struggle with sexual sin. There is something wrong with a woman who struggles with sexual sin. Men need help to […]