#TGCNE12 Conference Reflections

This past weekend marked the first biennial conference of the New England regional chapter of The Gospel Coalition. The momentous event was widely attended by New Englanders and out of town guests, all of whom were eager to soak in and respond to the amazingly good news of the gospel and its shaping influence on […]

Dynamics of Spiritual Life

A Key Resource for Renewal in New England

As we quickly approach the TGCNE fall conference, our minds increasingly turn to what renewal might look like in the broader New England region. What would a thriving New England gospel witness look like? What would be the mark of a revived church? How would the lives of individual Christians be changed? What effect might […]

The Gospel Shaped Life

TGCNE Conference Registration Now Closed

Following an overwhelming response from Christians and churches all over New England, registration for TGCNE’s fall conference has officially closed. If you had planned on coming but were unable to register, please take a moment to sign up for the waiting list. Putting your name on the list will not only put you in line for a potential […]

The Gospel Shaped Life

Fall Conference Update

Registration continues to fill up for The Gospel Coalition New England’s fall conference: The Gospel-Shaped Life. Unfortunately, in the last few days we’ve had to close four of our breakout sessions due to space limitations. If you and others from your church, small group, or school have been thinking about coming, please register now before we hit our capacity! […]

Christ My Treasure

Christ My Treasure

Here’s a demo of a new song by Castle Island Hymns. The song was written by Bobby Krier and Justin Ruddy for potential inclusion in The Gospel Coalition’s “Songs for the Book of Luke” project. The words and music are original, and focus in on some of the scriptures’ financial imagery for describing the redemption and […]

The Gospel Shaped Life

New Hope for New England

On October 12, 1740, George Whitefield preached the gospel in the Boston Common. At that time the relatively young city had a population of about 17,000. But 22,000 people crammed into the oldest park in the United States to hear the “Grand Itinerant” tell of the glories of the grace of God in Christ. Of […]

Fare Forward

Fare Forward: A Journal of Christian Thought

We at CGC wanted to make you aware of an exciting new journal of Christian thought that has arisen out of the student and alumni community of Dartmouth College. Even in its first issue, Fare Forward, which takes its name from T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, is off to a stellar start. Readers of periodicals like Books & Culture, […]

Christian Faith & the Academy

Yesterday, Justin Taylor posted the following video made available by Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought. In the clip, Alvin Plantinga and Nicholas Wolterstorff consider the necessary shape of Christian conduct in the academy — what we might call the outworking of the implications of the gospel. Whether an undergrad or a postdoc, this is a must watch: […]

Why Christians Ought to Laugh the Loudest

It’s been sitting in my Evernote queue for a while, but I finally got around to reading “Kidding Yourself is No Laughing Matter” – a semi-recent piece by Tom Jacobs over at Pacific Standard. Jacobs looks at some research which suggests that knowing the truth about your “dark side,” or simply being honest about your […]

The Evangelical Task

Over at The Gospel Coalition blog, Collin Hansen reflects on “the page that changed [his] life.” Found in Carl F.H. Henry’s classic The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, this quote can still provide the evangelical church with a compelling vision for robust, holistic gospel witness: The evangelical task primarily is the preaching of the Gospel, in the interest of individual […]