Eternity Changes Everything: An Interview with Stephen Witmer

Stephen Witmer is the Pastor of Pepperell Christian Fellowship in Pepperell, MA and teaches New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He agreed to answer some questions for us about his new book Eternity Changes Everything: How to live now in the light of your future (The Good Book Company). CGC: You’ve written a book called […]

Why Do Cities AND Rural Areas Matter?

From Matt Smethurst at The Gospel Coalition: “Since our world is becoming more urban, there is an undeniably strategic need for healthy gospel churches in cities,” observes [Stephen] Um, pastor of Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston and co-author of Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church [interview]. Nevertheless, he insists, just because cities matter does […]

Why Cities Matter Garners CT’s “Award of Merit”

Each year’s end brings with it a bevy of lists–best albums, best films, best books, etc. Some quickly dismiss such lists; some eagerly await their release. I’m part of the latter group. I find that year-end lists help me to move outside of my typical cultural sphere, challenging me to enjoy and find merit in […]

Keeping Up with Keller: The Gospel and Suffering

Let’s admit it. It’s getting hard to keep up with all of Tim Keller’s new publications (that’s six books in the last 15-months, for anyone who’s counting). And yet, while rapid publication by an author is often an attempt at seizing the market by way of sequels, prequels, and spinoffs, Keller’s recent books are not forced, […]

Plant New England ’13

In just a week’s time (October 14-15), a number of gospel-centered, mission-minded Christians from around New England will be gathering in Boston for Plant New England ’13. Hosted by the NETS Institute for Church Planting, the conference is co-sponsored by XI Marks, Sovereign Grace, and The Gospel Coalition. Our friends at Plant New England have […]

On the Grace of God

Justin Holcomb’s brief “On the Grace of God (A Book You’ll Actually Read)” is a quote-packed, feast of a book. Here’s a gem that Holcomb pulls from the late Robert Capon: “The world is by no means averse to religion. In fact, it is devoted to it with a passion. It will buy any recipe […]

Um & Buzzard’s “Why Cities Matter” for $2.99!

For a limited time, you can get an e-book version of Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter for just $2.99 (foreword by Timothy Keller)! Click here to get the deal. Here’s what some others are saying about the book: “Recent years have witnessed a torrent of books on urbanization and on urban ministry. Many of […]

Coming Soon: Gospel Transformation Bible

A few years back, study bibles were all the rage. It seemed as though there were study bibles for every demographic imaginable. Age-based, gender-based, ethnicity-based, vocation-based, denomination-based, individual preacher-based–the variety could make your head spin. Accordingly, I found an undue suspicion toward study bibles festering within: “Do we really need another study bible for young men […]