The Blessed Burden of Next Door Neighbors

Over the past 10 months I’ve lived in three different apartments. Having left our home of 7 years—our first big purchase as newly-weds and the home we began our family in—my wife and I schlepped our two children from apartment to apartment, finally settling in a quaint neighborhood where we hope to plant deep roots. […]

Panel: Perspectives on Ministry in New England

Steven Chin, Chris Bass, Bauer Evans, and Danny Ovalle (Moderator: Jonathan Kerhoulas) The six states that comprise New England share much in common, and yet there is much that makes each state, city, town, neighborhood, and individual person unique. What are the distinctive challenges that face Christians and churches in New England? How can we […]

Seriously, Date Your Wife

For almost the past three years I’ve had the joy of being a father to our 2 kiddos, Mason our eldest, and Penelope our youngest. Our kids are 20 months apart with Mason turning 3 in late August. All of that information simply means that my wife and I have had two little ones crawling, […]

Asking the Right Questions of Our Work

At Citylife Church we love our city. In fact, one of our core values is the adoption of a robust “city vision” – the idea that as Christians we ought to have a view toward Boston that not only pushes us to participate in all that is “good, true, and beautiful” but also prods us to fight […]

Our Laboring God and the Meaning of Work

There is an appropriate push within the Christian tradition to recognize and acknowledge the inherent value of human laboring or “work.” As we’ve heard, “Work matters. It matters to God, it should matter to us.” Of course, the risk is that too often our work matters too much. We give it primacy and allow it […]

Wanna Get Away?

Part of the human experience is the suppression of shame. Adam’s “streak” through the Garden and his sudden realization that he was fully exposed – before his wife and before his God – and the ensuing “cover-up,” is a trademark of being human. Said more simply: as individuals we hate to be exposed, we fear […]