Christian Prospect in a Dying City

On their website (, photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have a pictorial montage from their work “The Ruins of Detroit,” which is about to be released as a book. The work is a series of images formerly grand buildings, now desolate in the city of Detriot. The images of extravagant buildings like Michigan Central Station and […]

The Tyranny of Priggishness

In an essay entitled “Puritans and Prigs,” Marilynne Robinson observes:   Optimists of any kind are rare among us now. Rather than entertaining visions, we think in terms of stopgaps and improvisations. A great many of us, in the face of recent experience, have arrived with a jolt at the archaic-sounding conclusion that morality was the glue […]

Covenantal Shape of Redemptive History (Continued)

Part 1: Jesus' Divine Prerogative to Give Life (Part 1 of a 3-part series) Interestingly, the act of ‘giving’ life-giving water (or life itself), a divine activity by a sovereign creator who had the authority to dispense life[1] (cf. Isa. 44:3a), is attributed to Jesus (‘I [will] give him’, Jn 4:13-14; cf. 4:10).[2] Both creation […]

Christians Talking Past Each Other, No One Else Listening

Forthcoming booklet Crossways Spring 2010; A Chapter of the book The Gospel as the Center, ed. D.A. Carson Summer 2010.  Introduction Modern people, living under the influence of the culture’s myth of self-creation, have had difficulty with authority. The self-proclaimed libertine denies any ruling structure, except for his own intrinsic self-authority, since he believes that no […]

A Sketch of Covenant Theology

A multi-part series of articles explaining the richness and beauty of Covenant Theology will be periodically published in the Theology section. Part 1 and Part 2 are available right now!

Covenantal Shape of Redemptive History

Covenant of Creation/Works At the beginning of the world, God’s act of creation takes a covenantal shape. The term covenant is not used; however, Hosea 6:7 refers to Adam’s arrangement with God as a covenant.1 Regardless, in Genesis 1:1 – 2:3, we have a clear recounting of God’s great works tantamount to a preamble and […]

Understanding God’s Plan: Introduction

Covenantal theology is a quirky lane on the main highway of Christian theology. It took shape in Presbyterian and Reformed circles; and, from one angle, Reformed theology is covenantal theology – not so much in terms of particular dogmatic claims, but in terms of the structure of Reformed thought.1 In other words, covenants provide the […]

The Cultural Interlocutor

Perhaps the least helpful term we can ever leave unqualified or undefined is culture. The term comes to us through nineteenth century colonial discussions1 and took a life unto itself in the twentieth century.2 Sometimes we mean the values and/or beliefs of a particular society, sometimes the lifestyle of a society, sometimes the particular artifacts […]