Thinking Christianly in an Election Year

There are plenty of Christian books on politics, but many of them – maybe even most of them – fail to offer much insight.  Often enough they are either unbiblical or participants in the political status quo.  Here are some great resources I have found. First, there are a few classics.  The “Epistle to Diognetus” […]

Batman & the sources of evil

[SPOILER ALERT: Lots of details included about Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012)] As Christopher Nolan wrapped up his Dark Knight Triology with the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it’s a good occasion to consider how we think about the origins of evil. The Batman franchise has always been interested in the question of what […]

Faith and the Sports Fan

In a year like this one, it’s hard to be a Boston sports fan. In football, the Patriots severely disappointed in their Super Bowl loss. In basketball, the Celtics recovered a mediocre season, only to lose in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat. Then, to top off that loss, Ray Allen opted […]

God and Jack White on the Inconvenience of Love

Every line is about his hopes for love, and yet the way he describes it is terrible – not noticeably love at all. But love is a confrontational virtue. To love someone – family, friend, or spouse – is to stand with them despite adversity. Friends who flee at the first sign of difficulty are not really […]

Self-Destructive Evil in Sherlock

PBS has recently finished running the second season of Sherlock (courtesy of the BBC).  It’s a curious and brilliant show for a number of reasons.  For one, each season is only three episodes, but each episode is about an hour and a half long; so it feels more like a miniseries.  For another, it is […]

Gospel Leadership in the Workplace

When Christians talk about character in the workplace, we have tended to discuss it in terms of moral implications. Moreover, when leadership is discussed, much of the talk is simply about how to give a prominent moral flavor to otherwise recognized leadership skills. Occasionally, Christian writers will descend into shallow character studies in biblical events.[1] Yet just as […]

A Lonesome Ministry

Loneliness has been on my mind since meeting with a Harvard senior the other day. While reflecting with her back over her time at Harvard, I asked her what some of the biggest challenges of life at Harvard were. She answered that many relationships were simply about the mutual goods that the two parties could offer each […]

Moneyball: Convenient & Inconvenient Narratives

I finally got around to watching Moneyball recently. (Yes, I know I should have seen it a long time ago!) As a film it is well acted, well directed, and compelling. Somehow it managed to make a compelling story out of the less than compelling business of sabermetrics (an in-depth analysis of baseball statistics). The […]

The Life Given

In 1991, Wendell Berry wrote this poem for his long series of poems under the title of “Sabbath”: Loving you has taught me the infinite longing of the self to be given away and the great difficulty of that entire giving, for in love to give is to receive and then there is yet more […]