Sports and the Impossibility of Legacy

            Sports fans are not unfamiliar with the heartbreak of season-ending (and even career-ending) injuries. Most recently, NBA fans have seen Derrick Rose suffer another season-ending knee injury and Kobe Bryant be knocked out for 6 weeks with a knee injury of his own, despite having come back from last […]

Innocence Lost?

In a day and age where terror seems to be possible around any corner, innocence has become an idea that we look back on with a sense of longing and nostalgia. The days of children playing unsupervised in the yard, or riding their bicycles to a friends’ house, seem to be over. We now inhabit […]

God is not a superhero

God Is Not a Superhero

Over the past ten years superhero movies have overtaken the silver screen. And with the record-breaking performance of Marvel’s “The Avengers” and the recent popularity of “The Dark Knight Rises,” it appears that the superhero movie will be with us for a while longer. With good looking actors, astonishing special effects, and universal stories of […]

Creature and Creator in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”

Often, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Halloween-inspired brings to mind images of a hulking figure with green skin and bolts protruding from its neck, lurching down a hallway with arms propped forward, communicating in primal grunts and seeking to destroy all in sight.  In truth, Frankenstein is an all-too-human story that speaks to the longings and desires found in every heart. […]