The Idol of Pseudo-Spirituality

As a recent seminary graduate, I may be guiltier of this form of pseudo-spirituality than others. Hours spent in the library and the classroom for the last three years, scouring over dense books, was not always the ideal green pasture for my Christian life. A trusted friend of mine defined intellectualization in this context as […]

God’s Grand Design – Sean Michael Lucas (Book Review)

Many, if not most, Americans have read nothing more by Jonathan Edwards than his infamous sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Public high school English class usually depicted him as the quintessential fire and brimstone New England Puritan. But Sean Michael Lucas’s newest title, God’s Grand Design: The Theological Vision of Jonathan […]

Learning to Delight in Scripture

When you read Bible verses in which the author talks about loving or delighting in Scripture itself, how do you usually respond? For me personally, I often feel guilty or anxious about the lack of these verbs in my life. I have even doubted my salvation on occasion when forced to admit that I do […]

Jonathan Edwards and the Typology of Art

As a seminarian, I am blessed with extensive hours to study God’s Word, systematic theology, church history, and various disciplines related to practical theology. Truthfully, at times during nearly six semesters I have used less positive language to describe my experience for many reasons I will not unpack here. But when I am studying the […]

Forever – Paul David Tripp (Book Review)

I began reading Paul David Tripp’s newest book shortly after I had finished How People Change, which he co-wrote with Timothy Lane. Essentially, Forever: Living with Eternity in View is an extended treatment of one of the most helpful moments in How People Change, where the authors spoke about the role of eternity in biblical […]