Augustine’s View of Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility (Part 2)

Part 1 Augustine Diagnoses His Problem               Augustine’s internal struggles have been recounted in detail because they demonstrate that, from his perspective, something has gone drastically wrong with the human situation. For Augustine, the fundamental problem with the human condition and the cause of his own twisted and wretched condition prior to his conversion was […]

Plant New England

  The Center for Gospel Culture is excited to highlight a conference happening near Boston this October. Sponsored by the Gospel Coalition, along with networks like 9Marks and Sovereign Grace, "Plant New England" is a conference devoted to exploring the topic of "Gospel-Driven Men Planting Gospel-Driven Churches." Featured speakers will include Mark Dever and Wes […]

Augustine’s View of Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility (Part 1)

  Introduction              Scholars attempting to understand Augustine’s views on free will have spilled a significant amount of ink on the subject. Some have concluded that Augustine held to a ‘libertarian’ view of human freedom. Others have argued that he was a ‘compatibilist.’ Commenting on the diversity of scholarly opinion, John Rist writes: […]