Preaching the Law

Reformed Answers posed a question to Stephen Um about how to go about preaching the Law. The question: How does the concept of law reception help us preach through commands and other legal portions of Scripture? The following is an excerpt of Um’s answer and the full article can be found here.

Well, God commands his people to abide by the covenant, and there are stipulations to the covenant. And just as we see in certain covenantal treaties — the suzerainty treaty being one of many as we see in Genesis 15 — that God expects his people to abide by the stipulations, being the servants of this suzerain king. But he clearly knows that we’re not covenant-keepers and we’re covenant-breakers. That is why he went between the pieces, as opposed to Abraham going between the pieces in Genesis 15. And so, the question is, if the requirement is there, if we’re called to obey the high standards of the law of God, but we’re unable to do it, then what are we going to do with the covenant curses? What are we going to do with the breaking of the stipulations of the covenant? And ultimately, God puts his life on the line as we see in Genesis 15.