Life on Mission 2016 Conference with Erik Raymond

This coming March, Westgate Church of Weston, Massachusetts is hosting their third annual conference on “Life on Mission”. The main speaker this year will be Erik Raymond. Erik Raymond was born and raised in Massachusetts. He moved to Omaha while in the Air Force. And it was through a faithful co-worker that God brought the gospel to him. Pastoral ministry became the clear priority for Erik after graduating from Grace University in 2002. He served as a pastoral-intern and later as an Assistant Pastor at Omaha Bible Church from 2002-2010 before leading the church planting efforts for Emmaus. Erik is a regular contributor to several publications including LigonierTabletalk, & For the Church. His blog, Ordinary Pastor, is hosted by The Gospel Coalition and features regular articles and book reviews. He has recently written Gospel-Shaped Outreach to help churches to create a disciple-making culture.

This year, Erik will be talking about what a gospel-shaped vision of outreach should look like. Some information about the conference:


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While living on mission for Christ is more than evangelism, it is certainly not less. Making disciples for Christ is simply not possible without communicating the gospel clearly, biblically, and meaningfully.

Yet there are few things in the Christian life we find more difficult or awkward than sharing our faith. We fear rejection or being labeled. Perhaps we’re skeptical of the approaches we’ve seen; they feel canned, phony, or inauthentic. Perhaps we simply feel unqualified or incapable.

What we need are not more gimmicks or shortcuts. We need to return to the gospel itself to find both our motivation and our message as we seek to share Christ with others. This is the focus of our 2016 Life on Mission Conference.


For more information about the conference schedule and price of admission, visit the church website here.