Cyber Monday Deals

One of the great things that God has done with the Christian faith is put pens to papers. There are many men and women that God has raised up to help us know Him more by writing great books. Today, which is obvious to almost all, is “Cyber Monday”. So, here are some of the […]

John Piper on Paris

Many have been rattled inside by the terrorist attack last week in Paris. It would be a concern if someone didn’t. The sight of seeing humanity rage in anger and hate against each other is a living nightmare. Especially in times like these, we are awakened to our need of God. We need God to […]

The Sequel to J.I. Packer’s ‘Knowing God’ (TGC Excerpt)

I first read J.I. Packer’s Knowing God in December 2011. It would be minimal to say that Packer greatly helped me come to know God. Like many Christians, J.I. Packer has given us a book that greatly opened up the Scriptures to show us the attributes of God. Recently, Mark Jones, pastor of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian […]