Acts 29 NE Event: “Discipleship” w/Wilson and Dodson (5/5)

Here’s the scoop on next week’s Acts 29 Northeast Event:

Two thousand years ago, Jesus told a handful of men and women to go into the world and make disciples.  At the heart of any church regardless of context or culture should be the unwavering commitment to be disciples and make disciples.  As pastors, church planters and ministry leaders, how might the gospel shape and form us first as disciples so that we can faithfully live out the mission and the message that Jesus entrusted to us?

Whether you are a seasoned pastor, a new church planter, or you’ve been pondering a call towards pastoral ministry, you won’t want to miss this Acts29 Northeast Event as you’ll be challenged, inspired and equipped in Discipleship!

Join us on Monday, May 5th from 10:00AM to 5:30PM in Woburn, MA for a full day of training, discussion, and fellowship. Cost for the conference is $25, which includes lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Speakers include Jared Wilson, Jonathan Dodson, Stephen Macchia, and Robie Dodson. Check out the website for more info and registration.