On the Grace of God


Justin Holcomb’s brief “On the Grace of God (A Book You’ll Actually Read)” is a quote-packed, feast of a book. Here’s a gem that Holcomb pulls from the late Robert Capon:

“The world is by no means averse to religion. In fact, it is devoted to it with a passion. It will buy any recipe for salvation as long as that formula leaves the responsibility for cooking up salvation firmly in human hands. The world is drowning in religion. It is lying full fathom forty in the cults of spiritual growth, physical health, psychological self-improvement, and ethical probity–not to mention the religions of money, success, upward mobility, sin prevention, and cooking without animal fats. But it is scared out of its wits by any mention of the grace that takes the world home gratis.”

Holcomb’s book is precisely the kind of volume that presses the grace of God home in this   unsettling, uncomfortable, much-needed way.

(Image Credit: The Resurgence)