TGCNE Refresh Media Pt. 1


Simply put, TGCNE’s REFRESH was a gathering of New England leaders who need grace. Lots of it. And that is precisely what we found as we gathered together for a weekend of gospel-saturated teaching from Paul David Tripp, Stephen Um, and Jeramie Rinne. While Paul Tripp asked us to direct our readers to his ministry’s resource center for the content of his conference talks, we are pleased to offer the video and audio of Stephen Um’s REFRESH session, as well as the audio of the sermon that Paul Tripp preached at Citylife Presbyterian Church on Sunday, August 11. Here’s the content for your enjoyment:

Paul David Tripp – Beauty and Ugly (Psalm 27)

Next week, in Pt. 2, we’ll bring you the audio and video of Jeramie Rinne’s REFRESH session. Thank you to all who attended and made the conference happen!