Stephen Um on the Power of the Gospel in Burgeoning Cities


Redeemer City to City has a new blog post from Stephen Um: “On Cities, Suburbs, and Countrysides: Part 2” In this second installment, Um addresses the great need created by rapid global urbanization, as well as the hope that we have in the power of the gospel. Here’s an excerpt:

The need that the newly urbanized world will create is almost hard to measure. If we modestly aimed to have one church for every 10,000 people, China alone would need 25,000 new churches planted over the next 12 years simply to keep up with urban migration. Twenty-five thousand churches. Needless to say, strategically addressing this need will take far more than a verbal or published emphasis on city-ministry from a few prominent evangelicals. It will take even more than the efforts of Christians with a built-in affinity for the city. It will take Christians from around the world, from all contexts, praying, giving, and working together for the spread of the gospel, regardless of contextual preference. This new situation calls for a response from all Christians, not simply those who live in or have a heart for the city.

Read the rest of the piece to learn why “we should eagerly expect to see [the gospel] spreading to the booming and burgeoning cities of our increasingly urban world.”