Coming Soon: Gospel Transformation Bible

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A few years back, study bibles were all the rage. It seemed as though there were study bibles for every demographic imaginable. Age-based, gender-based, ethnicity-based, vocation-based, denomination-based, individual preacher-based–the variety could make your head spin. Accordingly, I found an undue suspicion toward study bibles festering within: “Do we really need another study bible for young men between between the ages of 18 and 19?” I don’t think that that suspicion is entirely unwarranted, but I’m thankful that in recent years, a few publishers have really nailed the concept of the “study bible.” The first annotated bible to sway me was the ESV Study Bible. With its thorough introductions, copious notes, helpful asides, and all around quality presentation, it quickly became the first bible I recommended to those looking for a one-stop shop for daily bible study.

Well, if that study bible is the gold-standard, why am I pointing you in the direction of the forthcoming Gospel Transformation Bible? How is the GTB different from the ESV Study Bible that was published just five years ago? In short, the ESV Study Bible was the lecture; the GTB is the sermon. While the ESV Study Bible aimed at information transfer, the Gospel Transformation Bible aims at application for heart change.

I’ve had opportunity to read a number of the notes in advance, and cannot recommend highly enough what I’ve encountered. Here are a few things you might be interested in checking out:

  • View the list of contributors (note: Stephen Um contributed the notes on 2 Corinthians)
  • Check out the GTB mini-site
  • Read the GTB sampler in PDF format
  • Watch an extended discussion about the bible between Dane Ortlund and Bryan Chapell
  • Click to play below to view a brief video on the GTB: