Jeramie Rinne’s Advice to Himself

Over at The Gospel Coalition, REFRESH conference speaker Jeramie Rinne has a new post on “7 Tips for My Younger Preaching Self.” The piece highlights Rinne’s commitment to the sufficiency of the Christian scriptures, along with his good humor and pastoral sensitivity. Here’s one of his “tips” that I, as a young preacher, found to be a helpful challenge:

Sermons from freshly minted pastors can sometimes be long on biblical commentary and short on application. Seminary trains us how to exegete the text. But how do we learn to exegete our people and their hearts? It took me a while to figure this out.

Work hard at the art of application. Spend time during your sermon prep thinking about the applications inherent in the text itself. And just as importantly, get to know your people. Love is the secret to good application. As you fall in love with your flock and come to know them the way a shepherd knows his sheep, your application instincts will sharpen. You won’t just be preaching a biblical sermon, or making biblical applications. You will be preaching and applying the Bible to your people.

You can read the rest of Jeramie’s insights here.

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