The Big Story: How the Bible Makes Sense Out of Life

Justin Buzzard, co-author with Stephen Um of Why Cities Matter, has recently released a practical, applicable, introductory-level overview of the Bible’s one-story plotline. Here’s a blurb on The Big Story: How the Bible Makes Sense Out of Life: When strangers meet today they often ask not, “What do you do?,” but “What is your story?” Everybody […]

Stephen Um on Cities, Suburbs & Countrysides

Redeemer City to City has the first in a series of posts from Stephen Um in which he considers how city-ministry enthusiasts and those who have been called to rural or suburban areas can set aside charged language and unhelpful dichotomies in favor of collaboration. Here’s an excerpt from “On Cities, Suburbs, and Countrysides”: Many […]

Faith in Faithless Fiction?

Regular readers of the Center for Gospel Culture know that we are fiction fans. Furthermore, we don’t shy away from grappling with contemporary fiction. Though signs of life and redemptive narrative arcs can be hard to come by on the “New Releases” shelf, there is perhaps no better running record of our culture’s existential vacuum […]

TGCNE REFRESH Schedule Now Online

Today, we’re happy to make the schedule available for TGCNE’s REFRESH (August 9-10). Hopefully this will help you as you make plans for travel and accommodations. Friday, August 9 6:00p – Registration Opens 7:00p – Welcome & Song 7:10p – Session: Paul Tripp 8:00p – Break 8:20p – Session: Paul Tripp 9:15p – Dismissal Saturday, August […]

Jeramie Rinne’s Advice to Himself

Over at The Gospel Coalition, REFRESH conference speaker Jeramie Rinne has a new post on “7 Tips for My Younger Preaching Self.” The piece highlights Rinne’s commitment to the sufficiency of the Christian scriptures, along with his good humor and pastoral sensitivity. Here’s one of his “tips” that I, as a young preacher, found to […]

Are You Wearing a Soul Toupée? Me Too!

The folks at Mockingbird recently drew my attention to a perceptive collection of essays (We Learn Nothing: Essays) by Tim Kreider–a semi-frequent contributor to the New York Times. Kreider–a self-styled atheist–writes about the human condition with a kind of brash precision that makes the collection hard to put down. While some readers will be put off by […]

Urbanophile on the Urban Church

In his review of Why Cities Matter, Aaron Renn of Urbanophile (a must-read site for those interested in urbanization and the growing importance of cities) drew attention to the fact that Christians appear to be one of the groups on the forefront of thinking specifically and contextually about the city. Speaking of Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s […]

Unmasking Caesar: Art as Herald of the True King

Scripture tells us that God is One, and that God is King: God is the One True King.  He has made his creation such that it should resound with his majesty and declare his glory.  More still, humanity, being made “in the image of God,” is created to visibly represent the invisible God to a […]

Should Happiness Be an End in Itself?

In Counterfeit Gods, Timothy Keller offers a now-infamous perspective on the insidious ways in which the human heart produces, worships, and becomes enslaved to idols. According to Keller, “the human heart takes good things…and turns them into ultimate things” (xiv). The result? “If we look to some created thing to give us the meaning, hope, […]

Deadlines Approaching on REFRESH Hotel Group Rates

As registration for TGCNE’s REFRESH conference with Paul David Tripp, Stephen Um, and Jeramie Rinne (8/9-10) continues to fill up, we are nearing the deadline on a number of group hotel rates. We’ve secured these hotels in hopes of ensuring a comfortable, refreshing weekend for you, your spouse (if applicable), and those attending with you from your […]