Why Cities Matter at The Resurgence

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Over at The Resurgence, Stephen Um has a post on “How to be on Mission in the City.” The short article is ordered around “5 tips for faithful gospel mission.” Here is “tip” number one:


A faithful presence of Jesus’ gospel in the city hinges on his gospel itself. There are great needs in your city, and there are many doing important work, but the gospel itself will be the unique contribution that you bring to your city.

Whether you find yourself working in finance, the arts, health care, vocational ministry, or some other field, your life in the city must be grounded in and driven by the gospel of grace. The gospel is the be-all, end-all of the Christian life in an urbanized world.

Head over to The Resurgence to read the rest of the article and to consider how you can learn, challenge, and retell your city’s story with the gospel. You can also pick up a copy of the book over at Amazon.