Why Cities Matter at Christianity Today

Why Cities Matter, the new book by Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard, was recently reviewed by Jeff Haanen over at Christianity Today‘s This Is Our City. Here are a few of his reflections on the book:

Why Cities Matter strikes the right balance between social analysis and ministry focus, encouraging readers not just to live in the city but also to engage its people and culture with the gospel.”

Why Cities Matter is a succinct, helpful guide to understanding and engaging a city’s culture. The authors mine sociology and wed it with biblical theology in an effort to challenge a city’s idols (Stephen Um’s work with Redeemer City to City shines through here) and re-envision urban ministry with a new source of hope. Critics might deny that yet another book on God and the city is necessary, since Tim Keller has rung that bell clearly for a generation. But brief, cogent books on urban ministry are always needed, especially ones that shed light on something as complex as the modern metropolis.”

Read the rest of the review here, and pick up your own copy of the book at Amazon.