Gospel Wisdom – Audio from Ortlund, Wilson, Rinne & more


Just a few weeks ago, New England was graced with yet another stellar conference. We highlighted the “Men and Women of Wisdom” conference here, but are now pleased to point your attention to the FREE conference audio. Thanks to South Shore Baptist Church for making these practical, gospel-centered resources available. Here are some of the “every day life” oriented sessions that are available for download and streaming:

  • Ray Ortlund – Wisdom As Gospel
  • Ray Ortlund – Two Kinds Of Wisdom
  • Ray Ortlund – Wisdom As Foolishness
  • Ray & Jani Ortlund – Wisdom In Marriage & Family
  • Jared Wilson – Grace Powered Manhood
  • Jared Wilson – The Gospel & Marital Sexuality
  • Jeramie Rinne – Wisdom For Leaders
  • Jani Ortlund – Womanly Wisdom
  • Curtis Cook – Wisdom and Our Words
  • Matt Kruse – Raising Sons

Access the download page here.