Are You Ready for the Urban Future? Why Cities Matter at TGC

Today, Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition has an interview with Stephen Um addressing the topic of rapid global urbanization and how Christians can thoughtfully respond. Here’s a striking excerpt:

Unfortunately, leaders like Keller are often subjected to the charge of being “anti-suburban” because of their willingness to speak clearly about a very real phenomenon. Research has shown that 68.1 percent of American evangelicals live in suburban and rural areas, while only 31.9 percent live in urban areas.¬†Numbers like these force us to be honest with ourselves. The majority of evangelicals appear to have a preference for non-urban places, while the majority of the world’s population increasingly has a preference for urban areas. Simply put, if evangelicals stay where they are, in 35 years our geographical statistics will be the exact opposite of the rest of the world’s (i.e., we’ll be roughly 30 percent urban and 70 percent suburban/rural while the world’s population is roughly 70 percent urban and 30 percent suburban/rural). That ought to give us pause.

Read the rest of the interview here, pick up a copy of Why Cities Matter, or see the video below for additional perspective: