The New York Times on Christian Wiman’s Bright Abyss

It is not often that a memoir recounting an individual’s conversion to the Christian faith is hailed by the New York Times as “a daring and urgent book.” Christian Wiman’s My Bright Abyss appears to be that rare kind of volume in which an individual’s journey to (or back to) Christianity is expressed with universal resonance. Here’s […]

Are You Ready for the Urban Future? Why Cities Matter at TGC

Today, Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition has an interview with Stephen Um addressing the topic of rapid global urbanization and how Christians can thoughtfully respond. Here’s a striking excerpt: Unfortunately, leaders like Keller are often subjected to the charge of being “anti-suburban” because of their willingness to speak clearly about a very real phenomenon. […]

TGC Conference Media: Stephen Um on “Jesus and Justice”

Those who had opportunity to attend the 2013 Gospel Coalition National Conference were, no doubt, overwhelmed by the wonderful depth and stunning breadth of the various sessions, breakouts, panels, etc., that occurred throughout the conference. We were all attempting to drink from the proverbial “fire hydrant.” If you’re like me and did not have the capacity […]

Why Cities Matter at Christianity Today

Why Cities Matter, the new book by Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard, was recently reviewed by Jeff Haanen over at Christianity Today‘s This Is Our City. Here are a few of his reflections on the book: “Why Cities Matter strikes the right balance between social analysis and ministry focus, encouraging readers not just to live in the city but also […]

Gospel Wisdom – Audio from Ortlund, Wilson, Rinne & more

Just a few weeks ago, New England was graced with yet another stellar conference. We highlighted the “Men and Women of Wisdom” conference here, but are now pleased to point your attention to the FREE conference audio. Thanks to South Shore Baptist Church for making these practical, gospel-centered resources available. Here are some of the […]

TGCNE REFRESH :: Tripp, Um, and Rinne :: Aug. 9-10

At The Gospel Coalition New England’s 2013 Leadership Summit, it was announced that TGCNE would be hosting a summer conference for congregational leaders (both lay and vocational). We are excited to announce the details of this event as we move toward opening registration soon. DATE & PURPOSE On August 9-10, 2013, we invite you to […]

Why Cities Matter at The Resurgence

Over at The Resurgence, Stephen Um has a post on “How to be on Mission in the City.” The short article is ordered around “5 tips for faithful gospel mission.” Here is “tip” number one: 1. GET GROUNDED IN THE GOSPEL A faithful presence of Jesus’ gospel in the city hinges on his gospel itself. […]

The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud (Book Review)

A reader expects to read a certain type of novel when the opening sentence finds the narrator saying: “How angry am I? You don’t want to know”–perhaps an adrenaline-fueled tirade of a novel, filled with high-octane rants and destruction; or maybe a novel bent on disturbing the reader through violence or depravity resulting from overwhelming […]

The Triumph of Christ

  Stephen Um was recently invited to be a guest speaker at Christ Central of Southern California. Working from Philippians 2:1-13, his sermon considered the significance of the triumph of Christ for the life of the Christian. The video and audio from this sermon are now available online. CCSC also provides its congregation with discussion questions […]