Notes on Stephen Um’s “Jesus and Money” TGC Plenary

The Gospel Coalition’s 2013 National Conference was a a whirlwind couple of days for everyone in attendance. Over the course of three days (or five if you made it to the pre-conference), around 5,000 of us did our best to keep up with a staggering number of must-hear sessions as they came at us in […]

Urbanophile Reviews Why Cities Matter

Reviews are beginning to role in for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s recently published Why Cities Matter. One of the first comes from Aaron Renn of Urbanophile. Renn claims that urbanists themselves have much to learn from Christians who are seeking to contextualize the gospel in the city: I’ve noted before how urban church leaders…have been willing […]

Living Singly for God

Singles have occupied a distinct place in the Body of Christ since the earliest days of Christianity.  But in recent years, the percentage of singles in the church has risen dramatically to the point where singleness could fairly be said to be one of the cardinal phenomena of the modern church demographically.  And therefore understanding […]

Men & Women of Wisdom (Ortlund, Wilson & More)

Absolutely every Christian needs biblical wisdom. It doesn’t matter whether we’re ministers, laypeople, husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, singles, university students, urbanites or suburbanites—we all need biblical wisdom. Every single day we encounter situations in which we need decision-making skills that may be out of our individual reach. We want the grace of God to be […]