TGCNE Leadership Summit: Panel Discussion on “Contextualized Ministry in New England”

Listen in as four New England pastors discuss contextualized ministry in their own local contexts. What are the unique challenges of New England ministry? What evidences of God’s grace have they witnessed in their ministries? Hear from… Steven Chin (Boston, MA) Matt Kruse (Malden, MA) Todd Murphy (Providence, RI) Stephen Witmer (Pepperell, MA) Justin Ruddy (Boston, […]

Why Cities Matter: Read Keller’s Foreword and Chapter 1

Today, we are pleased to offer a free download of a sampler for Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s new book, Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church. Read Timothy Keller’s foreword, the Introduction, and Chapter One of the book in PDF format here. The book is currently available on Amazon for 48% off. Please […]

Calvin on the Image of God and Social Justice

In Generous Justice, Timothy Keller suggests that “the Bible gives believers two basic motivations [for doing justice]–joyful awe before the goodness of God’s creation, and the experience of God’s grace in redemption.” John Calvin offers a stirring reflection on the former in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin claims that considering the image of God in our fellow […]