Why Should I Attend the TGC National Conference?

TGC National Conference

“Why should I attend the TGC National conference?” There are a few ways to answer that question. Yes, there will be a number of outstanding speakers. The range of topics covered at the pre-conference, conference, and post-conference will be enormous—there will be something for everyone. For those currently weathering the erratic winter in a colder part of the US, Orlando doesn’t sound like a bad place to be in early April, right? If you attend you’ll meet new friends, buy tons of books, and leave with an acute case of information overload. But what is the main reason that you should click register, get out the checkbook, and plan that road trip?

As the event website puts it, the aim of the conference is “to stir your affections for Jesus Christ, equip you to live faithfully in this world, and spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.” Simply put, I need this. I need to adore Jesus with thousands of other Christians from around the world. My affections need stirring—my faith needs bolstering—because, as it stands, I am not so captivated by Jesus that I can’t help but spread the gospel. I’m attending the TGC National Conference because I believe that, alongside God’s faithful work in my ordinary local setting, he is able to use events like this to shake us up, challenge our thinking, and spur us on to more faithful gospel living and witness. I’m praying that will be the case this year.

Consider joining us. More info here.