TGC 2013 National Conference

Why Should I Attend the TGC National Conference?

“Why should I attend the TGC National conference?” There are a few ways to answer that question. Yes, there will be a number of outstanding speakers. The range of topics covered at the pre-conference, conference, and post-conference will be enormous—there will be something for everyone. For those currently weathering the erratic winter in a colder […]

New England: The Least “Bible-Minded” Region

A recent study by the Barna Group will be of interest to Christians living and ministering in New England. The study claims to identify “America’s Most (and Least) Bible-Minded Cities” on the basis of nearly 43,000 interviews and the “analysis of Bible trends.” Bible-minded individuals were identified as those “who report reading the Bible in […]

Why Cities Matter – Read the Endorsements

On March 31, 2013, Crossway will publish Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church (foreword by Timothy Keller). In the coming months, we’ll be highlighting some of the material and content associated with the book. Today, we’re happy to unveil the endorsements in hopes that they will give you […]

Biblical Exposition Workshop in New England

Those in the TGCNE network will be interested to take a look at an upcoming Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition being held just south of Boston on February 13-15, 2013. Jeramie Rinne (Senior Pastor, South Shore Baptist Church, Hingham, MA) and David Camera (Senior Pastor, River Oaks Presbyterian Church, Lake Mary, FL) will be walking […]

Entertainment and the Functional Hope of the Heart

As a performing musician, I have often wondered why it is that the classical concert scene in Europe (or at least many parts of Europe) generally has so much more vitality than in America, in terms of both the volume and quality of public participation.  For example, I can never forget how German audiences, packing […]