Stephen Um on Art, the Church, and the Gospel

Though The Gospel Coalition is known for their daily content and great conferences, they also do a great service to the academic world every few months when they publish Themelios. Just recently, Volume 37, Issue 3 of the journal was published.

The latest issue includes D.A. Carson’s additional thoughts on the Intolerance of Tolerance, and a very helpful overview article from Andreas Köstenberger on approaches to biblical theology, present and future. Along with these more in-depth pieces there are number of helpful book reviews. Among them is Stephen Um’s review of W. David O. Taylor’s (ed.) For the Beauty of the Church. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

There is no question that For the Beauty of the Church is a significant contribution to the ongoing discussion on the church and the arts. It is easily recommended to those who are a part of this conversation, as well as to those who would rather not be a part of the conversation. …[But] the challenge for Taylor and others who continue to work on similar projects in the future will be to take the fruit of these labors and show how the church’s relationship to the arts is explicitly shaped by the gospel, the person and work of Christ, and a thick understanding of what God is doing in redemptive-history. Of course, this assumes that the dialogue must continue, which further necessitates an eagerness among pastors to help artists make meaningful connections between their art and the rhythms of redemption.

Read the whole thing here.