Snapshots of Gospel Renewal in New England

In partnership with The Gospel Coalition New England, we are pleased to launch a new blog series entitled Snapshots of Renewal. In essence, we want to help Christians in New England (and elsewhere) get a handle on the kind of widespread renewal that is happening in and through our region’s local churches (and organizations). The hope is that we will all be able to celebrate the work that God is doing in our midst, grow in our love for all of New England, and join with one another in kingdom-minded prayer.

Each “snapshot” will feature the following:

  • The unique perspective of a particular New England leader :: God is using different types of leaders in different types of churches to reach all of NE’s different contexts.
  • An introduction to a specific New England context :: From demographics to sight-seeing musts, NE leaders will give you a feel for their own community.
  • A view into the life of a local New England church (or organization) :: Where is the concrete evidence that God is doing a renewing work in NE? You’ll get a glimpse into the work of the gospel in the lives of individuals and churches.
  • Specifics on how you can pray :: The number of needs in NE is enormous and no one church or leader can meet them all. However, because of the gospel, God listens when we pray. We can support and encourage gospel renewal through concerted, specific, kingdom-minded prayer.

By no means will we be able to highlight every significant work of God’s grace. Thankfully, that kind of coverage is out of our reach! However, by drawing attention to at least some of the places and ways in which God is at work, it is our goal to celebrate and pray for the developing movement of the gospel in New England.

If you would like to add a snapshot of what God is doing in your community, please submit your info to