The Best of Times in New England

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Collin Hansen has a must-read piece about the development  of a cross-network movement of the gospel in New England. He observes,

“These are the best of times for Christians in New England. The body of Christ in the northeastern United States is seeking unity, pursuing mission, enjoying growth, and tasting the goodness of God. No one person or institution has planned this work. No single church or theological camp can claim credit for it. But you will find throughout much of New England today thriving college ministries, fledgling church plants, and revitalized colonial-era congregations renewed in their zeal to love their neighbors and spread the gospel.”

Whether you find yourself toiling for the gospel in New England’s rocky soil or observing the exciting work of God from a distance, this article is reason to rejoice and pray. Let’s seize this moment as an opportunity to ask our good, gracious and faithful God to work by his Spirit to renew and revive New England for his glory!