Halloween and the Upside-Down Glory of the Cross

It’s that time of year again: pairs of darkened hands appear to emerge from beneath the surface of residential yards while seven-foot spiders weave gigantic cotton webs across house-fronts and skulls with glowing eyes laugh menacingly through the windows.  I have nothing against our society’s customs of dressing up and collecting candy per se, divorced […]

TGCNE12 Praise

The Best of Times in New England

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Collin Hansen has a must-read piece about the development  of a cross-network movement of the gospel in New England. He observes, “These are the best of times for Christians in New England. The body of Christ in the northeastern United States is seeking unity, pursuing mission, enjoying growth, and tasting […]

Thinking Christianly in an Election Year

There are plenty of Christian books on politics, but many of them – maybe even most of them – fail to offer much insight.  Often enough they are either unbiblical or participants in the political status quo.  Here are some great resources I have found. First, there are a few classics.  The “Epistle to Diognetus” […]


#TGCNE12 Conference Reflections

This past weekend marked the first biennial conference of the New England regional chapter of The Gospel Coalition. The momentous event was widely attended by New Englanders and out of town guests, all of whom were eager to soak in and respond to the amazingly good news of the gospel and its shaping influence on […]

Pre-Conference: Gospel Shaped Ministry

Pre-Conference – The Gospel-Shaped Ministry

Today many pastors are struggling to adapt to a post-Christian culture without abandoning orthodox theology. How do we communicate the classic doctrines of grace and substitutionary atonement in our globalized culture and context? In a unique pre-conference setting, Tim Keller will consider how the gospel shapes all of Christian ministry. Christian leaders and laypersons alike are invited to join and consider these pressing issues.

Photo Credit: Scotland Huber