J.S. Bach

The Gospel According to Bach (video)

Regular CGC contributor Ben Shute recently performed selections from J.S. Bach’s six sonatas and partitas for Citylife Church’s Night of the Arts. In this video, Ben sits down with us to talk about how Bach’s music is laced with the gospel. With an uncanny mix of technical proficiency and theological precision, Ben’s perspective and performance […]

Pale King

“The Pale King” and “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace

With tax season still large in our rearview mirrors, and the paperback edition new to the shelves of bookstores, it is a perfect time to reflect on David Foster Wallace’s posthumous novel “The Pale King”. This unfinished novel, assembled by Wallace’s editor in the years following the author’s suicide, tells the stories of a collection […]

There Just Aren’t Enough Stones

Hear Stephen Um discuss the qualification of justice and the “wisdom of Forest Gump”. In part 2 Stephen Um pleads with us to peer into the reality and consequences of sin, the justice of God, and the mercy that we don’t deserve. Hear and download the whole sermon.

Learning to Delight in Scripture

When you read Bible verses in which the author talks about loving or delighting in Scripture itself, how do you usually respond? For me personally, I often feel guilty or anxious about the lack of these verbs in my life. I have even doubted my salvation on occasion when forced to admit that I do […]

Stephen Um on Seminary and the Call to Ministry

Stephen Um recently sat down with the team at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to shoot an “alumni profile” video. In the resulting piece, he considers his call to ministry, the relationship of church and seminary, as well as the unique role that seminaries are able to play in training individuals for ministry.

On God’s Situation-Transcending Love

This past Sunday, Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of our Lord. I know that it was both refreshing and encouraging to those of us worshipping in Boston. And I am grateful that there is a growing movement of gospel-churches where Christians live in light of the good news of Easter Sunday, rather than […]

The Day Jesus Was Not Alive

Can you imagine a day when Jesus was not alive? Are you living under the anxieties of Holy Saturday? Hear Stephen Um address these questions in a part of a sermon he preached at Citylife Presbyterian Church on Easter '12.

Forget the Church? Or “Religion for Atheists”?

In the recently published Religion for Atheists: A Non-believers Guide to the Uses of Religion, Alain de Botton, an atheist himself, attempts in his characteristically winsome tone to turn down the heat of the often militant conversations of the non-believing. He suggests that while society may not need the gods (or God) to be moral, well-ordered, […]

Godly Discipline (part 3)

Dr. R. Kent Hughes points out that fear of legalism can keep us from honoring God to our full potential. Hear Dr. Hughes wrap up on Godly Discipline in part 3 as he tackles this subject of a legalistic heart vs. a disciplined heart.