On “Traditional” Worship (1 of 2)

Church music today is witnessing the interesting phenomenon of two classes of musical language existing for the most part quite separately (at least in principle) albeit side-by-side within countless individual congregations: I am referring to the practice of churches that offer both “traditional” and “contemporary” worship services. Doubtless there is much to be said on […]

Religion in an On-Line Culture

Recently, Hemant Mehta, “The Friendly Atheist,” posted on his blog about how “The Internet Will Lead to Religion’s Downfall.” In it he notes that the internet provides resources for many questions people have. In fact, the argument begins with an observation about magic shops closing due to easily accessible explanations of various magic tricks on-line. […]

There And Bach Again: A Musician’s Meanderings (Part 2)

This sense of transcendence is a most peculiar thing. It is at once terribly vague and terrifyingly vivid: perhaps axiomatically impossible to fathom or classify, it nonetheless makes itself and its identity pointedly and forcefully known in human experience, welcome or not. It breeds its own wonders in the human soul and transfigures all it […]

There and Bach Again (CGC Articles)

One portion of our site that we hope to develop as CGC continues to grow is the Articles section. It's there that we're able to provide you with more in-depth reflections on issues of theology, culture, worship, etc. One of our featured article contributors is Ben Shute.  Right now, he is in the middle of […]

Forever – Paul David Tripp (Book Review)

I began reading Paul David Tripp’s newest book shortly after I had finished How People Change, which he co-wrote with Timothy Lane. Essentially, Forever: Living with Eternity in View is an extended treatment of one of the most helpful moments in How People Change, where the authors spoke about the role of eternity in biblical […]

There And Bach Again: A Musician’s Meanderings (Part 1)

“And as with all music, so also the end and purpose of thoroughbass shall be nothing other than the glorification of God and the recreation of the mind.” — Johann Sebastian Bach Especially in light of the popular association of legalism with all things religious, it is easy to read this statement by J. S. Bach […]

TGC New England Regional Conference (10/19-20/12)

  Today an invitiation was sent out by The Gospel Coalition's New England Regional chapter to more than 100 pastors and leaders. The chapter plans to gather 70 pastors for a Colloquium on March 10, 2012, in Boston, MA. This colloquium will be used to cast vision, network, and fellowship around the gospel. It comes in advance […]

God’s Glory and Our Crowning Achievements

A convicting takeaway from John Starke's recent interview with G.K. Beale where they discussed the closing words of Beale's recently released magnum opus:   JS: You end your 1,047-page book with, "The upshot of this book is ultimately this: To God be the glory." For young scholars or pastors who are digging deep into the […]