God Hates Your Self-Righteousness Because He Loves You

Here's a choice excerpt from Tullian Tchividjian's new book: Jesus + Nothing = Everything. The book is a great introduction to the radical nature of the gospel of grace, serving as a tenacious gospel remedy for hearts that lean toward "performancism" (read: all): In our bones, we know that God hates unrighteous ‘bad’ works; we’re not […]

Richard Lints and Michael Horton On Christians in the Academy

Our very own Richard Lints was recently featured on The Gospel Coalition site in a video discussion with Michael Horton. The two dialogue about the importance of Christian scholars experiencing the sharpening of the secular academy. Check out the video:  Christian Scholarship in the Secular Academy from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

Theology and the Sweetness of Literacy

Over at the Books & Culture blog Tony Reinke has some helpful thoughts on theological convictions that should undergird and spur on our approach to literacy and reading. Here are three ways that the Christian faith might encourage us to be thoughtful readers and literacy advocates in a post-literate culture:  First, I've found that we can gauge […]

David Brooks on Admitting Our Sinfulness

A recent op-ed from David Brooks over at the New York Times points up the foolishness of denying human sinfulness and corruptibility, and would seem to suggest that coming to terms with it may be a key to living well, or at least honestly with ourselves and one another. He uses the recent scandal at Penn State […]