Renewal Audio from Richard Lovelace

In the past we have pointed you to unsung but vital resources like S. G. De Graaf's Promise and Deliverance, or audio of the late Meredith Kline's classes. These are the kinds of gems that you'll find if you're reading the footnotes of your favorite modern day gospel-centered authors. Another under appreciated, even if oft cited, […]

Engaging Skeptics with the Gospel

Stephen Um recently presented a breakout session at November’s Plant New England conference. The audio, which is just over an hour and includes Q&A, has recently been made available online. In the breakout session, Dr. Um addresses issues of contextualization for ministry that will be applicable for Christians, whether ministers or laypersons, in all contexts. […]

Sermon Sketches #5 – Exile and Homecoming

We continue in our Sermon Sketches series which today follows Stephen Um into his new sermon series: Encountering God. The series will track through the Old Testament, keying in on important characters and episodes where people encounter God. Throughout, attention is given to both the micro context of each text, as well as the macro […]

Plant New England Conference Today!

Today, Stephen Um joins Mark Dever, Wes Pastor, and more than 150 attendees for Plant New England: a conference devoted to fostering gospel-driven church planting in New England. Stephen's breakout session will address the topic of "Engaging Skeptics with the Gospel." If you're planning on attending the conference, the breakout session will be held at […]

Sermon Sketches #4

We continue our series of Sermon Sketches with an overview of Stephen Um's recent sermon on the non-negotiable Gospel-DNA element of Missional Community.  ————————————————————— Gospel DNA: Gospel Believing and Gospel Shaped City Vision Acts 1:8; 2:1-11, 42-47  Introduction  For the past 1,000 years the western world could be said to have been in period of […]