The Gospel and Our Lack of Good Fiction

As of late I've enjoyed leafing through Tony Reinke's Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books. In his chapter on the benefits of reading fiction, he quotes Flannery O'Connor on the potential perils of religious fiction:  "Ever since there have been such things as novels, the world has been flooded with bad fiction for which the […]

Sermon Sketches #3

  We continue our series of Sermon Sketches with an overview of Stephen Um's sermon on the non-negotiable Gospel-DNA element of City Vision.    —————————————————————   Gospel DNA: Gospel Believing and Gospel Shaped City Vision    Num. 35:9-15; Jer. 29:4-7; Matt. 5:14-16  1. Importance of the City :: City and Culture Jeremiah 29:4 — Babylon […]

Toward a Gospel-Centered Prayer Life

As of late, I've been greatly encouraged by the daily prayers in Scotty Smith's new Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel-Centered Faith (Baker, 2011). Here's an excerpt from today's prayer about wrestling and struggling, alongside Jonah, against our own sinful desires that are so quick to turn our hearts in the opposite direction of God's […]

Sparring With The Antichrist

  New today in our articles section is a brief interaction with Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Twilight of the Idols. While the article assumes some familiarity with Nietzsche’s thought-world, it provides an introduction to and summary of the work. It also attempts to raise Christian-shaped questions in response to Nietzsche’s powerful, anti-Christian work.   For those unfamiliar […]

Sermon Sketches #2

Our new Sermon Sketches series continues with the second in Stephen Um's 8-part series on the Gospel DNA. Last week we looked at Gospel Theology, and this week the focus turns to the impact of the gospel in renewing all of life, individual and corporate. —————————————————- Gospel DNA: Gospel Believing and Gospel Shaped Gospel Renewal […]

Stephen Um – The Kingdom of God (Radio Interview)

As we pointed out recently, Stephen Um has a brand new booklet out that is part of The Gospel Coalition Booklets series and is entitled The Kingdom of God,    Recently, Pilgrim Radio interviewed Dr. Um about the contents and themes of the booklet. Thinking the conversation to have been lively, informative, and encouraging, we wanted to offer […]

Sermon Sketches #1

In major cities, particularly those with strong educational systems, the arrival of September brings with it an influx of new people and energy. We've all been at play for the summer, and now it's time to get down to business. In a sense, this is what happens in many city churches: September brings new faces, […]

Saul Bellow’s “Seize the Day” and the Love of the Father

Saul Bellow was one of our best 20th-century novelists. A Nobel Prize winner, and much acclaimed by critics, he is a writer worth your time. Among my favorite novels are his The Adventures of Augie March and Herzog, but if you're looking to just dip your toes into his work, there may be no better place […]

Thoughts on Human Autonomy and Divine Sovereignty

Today, we want to draw your attention to a new entry in the Articles section of our website.  Richard Lints continues his series on Democracy, The Individual, and Moral Revolutions, with questions about how human autonomy functions in a democracy, and why the breakdown of autonomy and the culture that it creates naturally leads us […]