John Piper Interviews Rick Warren

In this long awaited interview John Piper has tough questions and enriching challenges for Rick Warren. Would Warren write The Purpose-Driven Life today in the same way that he did more than a decade ago? Where does Warren stand in relation to Reformed theology? What is the Gospel? Though lengthy, it is thought provoking, eye opening, […]

The Structure of the Universe: Thoughts on the Architectonics of the Bible

  Most Christians don’t know how the universe is structured.  Despite lots of talk about creation in churches and despite pervasive terminology about heaven, few understand how the Bible describes the structure of the universe.  Put simply, there are two dimensions to reality: heaven and earth.  We know what the earth is.  It’s the place […]

Is Justification The Doctrine on Which the Church Stands or Falls?

The place of justification in the Protestant understanding of salvation has recently been criticized from a number of quarters.  Common to many of these criticisms is the concern that though justification may be important, it is not the sole means by which the Gospel is narrated in Scripture – and if this is so, so […]

Is Discipleship Too Costly?

Much has been written about the cost of discipleship. Even more has been said. And yet, as often as we hear about all that Jesus demands of us as his disciples, we cannot avoid being set off balance when we run into a difficult passage like Luke 14:26-27, 33: “If anyone comes to me and […]

What Difference Does Difference Make?

  When I was student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I’m sorry to say that I did not often attend chapel. However, when I heard that our own Dr. Richard Lints, one of my favorite professors, was being installed into the Andrew Mutch Distinguished Chair of Theology, and that this ceremony would be accompanied by a […]

Double Imputation – What Is It?

At the heart of the Protestant consensus about the Gospel for the last 500 years is claim that our sins are imputed to Christ, and Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us.  This is “double imputation”.  Others have called it the “Great Exchange”.  Christ has died in our place, and in exchange we have been given […]

The Valley of Vision Prayer Plan

  Joe Thorn, recent author of the helpful Note To Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself, offers a great resource for organizing your prayer habits using the classic Valley of Vision. For those unfamiliar with the Valley of Vision, it is a collection of Puritan prayers collected by Arthur Bennett. Over the last 30 […]

Is Judgment Day Really Going To Occur This Saturday?

On the subway, on buses, on billboards, on the evening news, you've seen it: "Judgment Day: May 21. The Bible Guarantees It." This add has become all too familiar to Bostonians and others around the country. A major campaign launched by Family Radio claims that true Christians will be raptured on May 21, 2011, and […]

The Ruined Hearts of Mad Men

  Near the end of the most recent season of Mad Men, the main character (Don Draper) has finally reached rock bottom – losing his edge with women, carrying too much baggage from all those affairs, slipping up with ad pitches, and drinking entirely too much. During the last few episodes of the season, he realizes […]

Interacting with an Infinite Supply of Images

  There are more than 200 pictures of me on the Internet. How many images of you might a curious friend find on your Facebook page? There are albums on sagging shelves filled with snapshots of days gone by. Our homepages burst with the flashiest photographs of the latest natural disasters, wars, celebrities, and more. […]