Doctrine Wins

With all of the furor surrounding Rob Bell’s recent book, Love Wins (HaperOne 2011) it may seem counterintuitive to say that interest in the book (as evidenced by the Time Magazine cover article on it) owes more to the enduring interest in Christian doctrine rather than to the ambiguity of belief so characteristic of Bell’s […]

What If Woody Allen Interviewed Billy Graham?

Mockingbird recently dug up a very interesting and entertaining interview of Billy Graham by none other than Woody Allen. Yes, it actually happened. And yes, it’s as intersting it sounds. Here’s the video in two parts:       While there’s nothing terribly profound here, I noticed the following things that were thought provoking.   […]

The Appeal of Heresy

  Here’s a great observation from Alister McGrath on heresy:   Yet perhaps the ultimate appeal of heresy in our times lies in its challenge to authority. Religious orthodoxy is equated with claims to absolute authority, which are to be resisted and subverted in the name of freedom. Heresy is thus to be seen as the subversion […]

What Does It Really Mean to Be an Evangelical?

  Back in 2007 The Proclamation Trust held an Evangelical Ministry Assembly conference called Defining the Times: What Is an Evangelical? Speakers included Tim Keller, Dick Lucas, and Vaughan Roberts, among others.   Graciously, the Trust has recently made all of the audio files from that conference available for free download. You can find them […]

An Analysis of Avarice

In my 22 years of ministry, I have had countless meetings and counseling sessions for a variety of reasons. Those individuals with whom I meet tend to struggle with issues that are quite common. A young man may ask for prayer in his struggle with lust. A college student is looking for help with an […]

On Christ-and-Culture Terminology

  Recently I’ve been thinking about the language we use about the problem of Christ and culture. The most common taxonomy comes from H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ & Culture.[1] He distinguishes between five answers to the problem: (1) Christ against culture, (2) the Christ of culture, (3) Christ above culture, (4) Christ and culture in paradox, and […]

Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

  This past week at The Gospel Coalition’s national conference, I had the chance to sit in on a roundtable discussion about preaching Christ from the Old Testament, the broader theme of the conference. The discussion included Tim Keller, Don Carson, John Piper, and others. You can download the audio of this discussion on The […]

A New “Good Book”?

Mark Oppenheimer has an interesting little piece over at the New York Times where he looks at a new book compiled by AC Grayling, Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London. Grayling’s The Good Book: A Humanist Bible is a collection that attempts to be for humanists what the Bible is for Christians, […]

The Cure for Gastro-Guilt

  All of us feel the need to eat healthier. Most of us feel the need to eat fresher, less processed, more seasonal foods. And some of us feel these impulses so acutely that we may even find guilt and shame attaching themselves to each of our food choices. As I’ve been experiencing quite a […]